Common Choir is an American Metalcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota focused on creating intense, energetic music that people from all walks of life can connect with.

The name “Common Choir” is derived from the phrase “preaching to the choir” and speaks to the relatability of the messages and emotions poured into our music.


+Zachary Fulton+


Zach is the vocalist of Common Choir. Previously playing in the bands “Dividing The Masses” from IA “A Wretched Betrayal” from Milwaukee, WI and “Hello Ramona” from the Quad Cities of IA / IL. Some of his favorite bands / artists include: Emmure, Miley Cyrus, Saosin, Circa Survive, and Dance Gavin Dance.

Outside of the band Zach enjoys working on his house and moonlighting as a Taco Bell enthusiast.

+Tyler Norkunas+

+Guitar + Vocals+

Tyler plays guitar and does vocals in Common Choir. Previously performing in Aspirations, Scarleta, and (Alistair Hennessey for a short stint). He likes to think of music as more of a “what am I listening to now” kind of a thing instead of all time favorites, but he’s almost always listening to NOFX, Periphery, The Menzingers, Frank Turner, and The Chariot.

Music is the biggest thing that defines his personality and the single thing he loves most. But otherwise you’ll usually catch him watching documentaries about penguins or trying to find the best taco joint in the area.

+Tony Lendt+


Tony Lendt is the drummer of Common Choir, previously performing in Cymothoa and Less Than Nothing from the Twin Cities. Some of his favorite bands include: Deftones, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Between the Buried and Me.

He enjoys FPS games, Magic the Gathering, collecting transformers, craft beer, and is a renowned drinker of crown royal.

+Justin "Sippy" Sapp+


Justin “Sippy” Sapp plays guitar in Common Choir. He has previously played in the band Hard Times, and has also released several solo tracks. His favorite bands are Counterparts, The Ghost Inside and Misery Signals. In his free time, Justin enjoys PC gaming and working on Volkswagens.

+Wilson Reinke+


Wilson plays bass (pronounced like the fish) for Common Choir. He also plays bass in the Pirate Metal band Corsair. So he definitely has a heavy bottom end that’s not just from eating too many snacks.

Wilson is a prog djent nut, so if there’s a song that’s 27 minutes long, has 14 key changes, and a mariachi breakdown, he’s into it. Some of his favorites include Between the Buried and Me, Tesseract, and Periphery.

If there’s one thing you should know about Wilson: don’t believe anything he says.

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